Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gift Box Themed Accessories Box from Plaza

I want these accessories boxes! Great to use as a gift to someone and putting little things inside. I have many earrings, necklaces, rings and hair clips, so these boxes would make the perfect home for them!
@ Plaza (¥1,260)

Beaded Hoop Earrings from Juicy Couture

Cute and stylish beaded hoop earrings made from goldplated brass.
@Saks ($68 USD)

Holday Bag from Cath Kidston

I love prints by Cath Kidston. The colors, the designs are completely my style. I also love the shape of the bags! I'm actually quite picky when it comes to buying bags. Practicality is just as important as design, and Cath Kidston works both very well!
@ Cath Kidston (¥9,660)

Abstract Adornment Dress from Anthropologie

Gorgeous abstract pattern dress made from polyester and spandex.
@Anthropologie ($248 USD)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Teardrop Earring Studs from Construct

These teardrop earring studs are so cute! Love the choice of blue for the enamel coating.
@ Construct ($32 US)

Shiny Blossom Necklace from Jealousy Jewelry & Design

Elegant blossom necklace with handmade blossoms.
@Jealousy Jewelry & Design ($186 USD)

Light Peach Flower Bracelet from Pilgrim

Pilgrim is a jewelry and accessories brand from Denmark. Many years ago I discovered this brand and was just taken away by their designs. They have a whole range of chunky, unique designs which I love. This bracelet here is just one of their many amazing creations! Be sure to check their webpage as well as other shops that sell their goods!
@ Pilgrim (£31.92)

Drops Purse from Tsumori Chisato

Sometimes I don't feel like carrying a lot with me when I go out so a cute little clutch like this would be perfect for the occasion.  Available in the above four colors, they are pretty hard to resist!
@Rakuten English (¥18,900)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Whimsical Print Velour Skirt from Hana to Guitar

I learned about this brand through the mori girls community at livejournal. I immediately fell in love with this skirt! There's a bunch of things on it, like horses, birds, carriages, daisies, on a cute polka dot backdrop. Love it!
@ Hana to Guitar (¥19,740)

Rose Corsage Bag from Karen Millen

Polyester and satin silk bag in the shape of a rose with silver chain and inner compartment.
@asos ($118 USD)

Pink Polka Dots Hoodie from mercibeaucoup

Cute pink hoodie with white polka dots! I love how it scrunches up in the middle like that, and I love the details!
@ mercibeaucoup (¥17,850)

Bird and Dots Teapot from Ninainvorm

 Morning tea would be even better if it was served from this adorable teapot.  The teapot itself is vintage and then was screenprinted by hand with dots and a cute little bird.
@Ninainvorm ($75 USD)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Felted Cover and Felt Dots Mugs from Afternoon Tea

Not only are these felted mug covers adorable, they are also very practical! They can keep your drink warm and also save your hands from being burnt from your hot beverages! I think you can even put these felt covers in the microwave if you're too lazy to remove them from the cup before doing so.

I want one.. so so cute!
@ Afternoon Tea (¥1,155)

Rose and Champagne Garland from fuss jewelry

Beautiful handmade necklace made from freshwater pearls, topaz and smokey quartz.  I have to say this necklace is one of the most gorgeous pieces I have ever seen on Etsy.
@fuss jewelry ($692 USD)

Kimchi Blue Printed Bib Top from Urban Outfitters

I love this top! The colorful floral 'bib' detail is just a delight to look at, and if you go to the website you can see the details more closely too. Not just on a plain gray fabric, but the rest of the top is actually polka-dotted too!
@ Urban Outfitters ($38 US)

Ribbon Long Sleeve Thermal from Primp

Enjoy winter with this adorable thermal from Primp!  Also available in pink.
@Primp ($39.99 USD on sale!)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Floral Rose Polka-Dotted Skirt from Rouge Vif

Lovely skirt with a large rose floral pattern and polka-dots. Will look so pretty if you pair it up with a simple top and some accessories to match!
@ Rouge vif (¥17,850)

Emerald City Heart Drop Earrings from Tarina Tarantino

Adorable heart and lucite bow earrings trimmed in Swarovski crystal.
@Tarina Tarantino ($105 USD)

Forest Floral Ruffle Dress from Ruche

Forest green flowers and reddish-brown leaves make up this beautiful dress with ruffles at the bottom. I love how this dress flows and the way they bunched and cinched the bust part.
@ Ruche ($36.99 US)

Mesh Bow and Drape Brooch from Oasis

Cute draping bow brooch perfect for your favorite cartigan or dress!
@ASOS ($23.80)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bluebelle Patchwork Print Crinkle Stole from Monsoon Accessorize

I love the combination of these particular colors and the styles of the patterns on this scarf. Polka dots and flowers! 97% cotton, 3% metallic. The 3% of shiny is important!
@ Monsoon Accessorize (£18)

Lettuce Leaf Handmade Bowl from Blue Sky Pottery

This bowl is one of the cutest things I have ever seen!  It wouldn't be very hard to eat vegetables if you were using this adorable piece.
@Blue Sky Pottery ($30 USD)

Seeds and Petals Bag from Anthropologie

An olive-ish, spring-ish green bag full of life and ruffles. Has 3 pockets inside, which is very important as I hate bags without pockets inside! Be sure to be the perfect accessory to your outfits!
@ Anthropologie ($168 US)

Droplet Bag from Helen E Riegle

Cute wrislets made from recycled polyester and synthetic leather with nickel stud detail.
@The Green Loop ($50 USD)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Mini Gold Stars Bag from Beams

You can put all your little tidbits in here! I myself would love to use this cute bag as a coin purse. It's mini but apparently you can even use it as a case for your digital camera!
@ Beams (¥7,140)

Doe A Deer Suitcase from Get Ready, Set, Go!

I always like it when people take something old and make it into something new and cute.  This deer luggage is a perfect example of that.  Take an older piece of luggage, paint some cute deer on it and there you have it  Sure to please everyone!
@Get Ready, Set, Go! ($59.99 USD)

Vintage Christmas Holiday Angel Centerpiece from Jnichelle

Merry Christmas everyone! We've finally reached Item #25 on our handmade Christmas countdown! Hope you guys enjoyed it!

The final piece on the docket is a bottle brush tree decorated with vintage items from all over the world! Very beautiful!

Until next year for another handmade Christmas countdown!
@ Jnichelle ($225 US)

Adelpha Print Dress from Erdem

Simple, but elegant dress made from cotton and viscose with 100% silk lining and light green and purple print.  
@theOutnet ($396 on sale! Catch it while you can!)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Petite Wool Hello Captain Coat from Topshop

Ahoy sailor!

Check out this cute wool double-breasted sailor coat! I think this coat would go well with a lot of different clothing.
@ Topshop (£70.00)

Out of the Blue Necklace from Alex Keller

Elegant vintage choker made from recycled jewelry.

Christmas Ornaments Patterns from Amy Gaines

Christmas Eve! Item #24

The bad news is, you can't buy this. The good news is, you can make it yourself! Unfortunately for me I can't crochet for the life of me, but if you can, be sure to buy these great patterns! There's still time for you to make it before Christmas!

ps. I love Santa's beard, so cute!
@ Amy Gaines ($6 US)

Ribbon Charm Watch from Vadret Tellor

Of course I love most things that have a cute bow on them, but really everything about this watch is so pretty!  Also available in gray and black, the bow is removable if you just like the watch itself.  Although who would want to remove such an adorable accent?
@Yahoo! Japan Fashion (¥7,875)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Balloon-Patterned Dress from Tsumori Chisato

New from Tsumori Chisato!

Amazingly cute silk dress with balloon-print with (printed) pocket and belt! First time I've ever seen a fake belt and pocket, but it's quirky that's pulled off successfully!
@ Tsumori Chisato (¥34,650)

Metal Apple Ring from Marc by Marc Jacobs

I think it's pretty obvious that we love Marc Jacobs here at punchtree.  Here is yet another affordable yet adorable piece, made from cream and gold toned metal.
@Net-A-Porter ($58 USD)

Christmas Wish Tree Cards from Dekanimal

2 days until Christmas! Item #23

Love the use of white space in this card set design! The wide array of colors of dots and hearts used to make out the tree are just perfect. I am also liking the little birds in the tree.
@ Dekanimal ($12 US)

Place Setting from gleena shop

Porcelain handmade place setting in a beautiful summery color. 
@gleena shop ($88 USD)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Japanese Bunny Shirt from Delias

I usually think it's weird when Asian sentences or characters are used in designs, but I actually think this one is quite cute. I love all the outfits on the bunnies, if they were real dresses I would buy them all.

The japanese on the shirt says "anata wa utsukushii" which means"you are beautiful"
Yes you are! And so is this tee!
@ delias ($26.50US)

Rose Print Sally Dress from FredFlare

Cotton floral pattern dress with vintage vibe!  Isn't it adorable?
@FredFlare ($72 USD)

Christmas Teaspoon Mittens and Hats Covers from Marinatea

3 days until Christmas! Item #22

These don't really have any practical use, but I can imagine myself being extra happy drinking my tea if I put one of these adorable covers on my teaspoon! The white heart on each piece just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. First time I've ever seen anything like this! So creative, so cute!
@ Marinatea ($7 US)

Summer Ring from Nurit Design

Beautiful 14k yellow gold ring which can be made for any size.
@Nurit Design ($290 USD)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Fuchsia on Grey Floral Skirt from Aquagirl

Super adorable skirt with a mini-floral print on it! I love the colors, the way the skirt flows, and the cute bow in the front. Casual yet elegant at the same time.
@ Aquagirl (¥16,800)

Leaf Couple Bag from littleoddforest

Cotton twill fabric with floral pattern and magnetic closure.  I have been a fan of littleoddforest for a while now, and one thing I have learned is you better catch these cute bags when you can because they sell out fast!
@littleoddforest ($53 USD)

Hand Engraved Snowflakes Pint Glasses from Daydreem Designs

4 days until Christmas! Item #21.

These hand engraved glasses are so beautiful! It feels very winter-y and dreamlike. Enjoy your drinks in these cups and just mesmerize yourself with the falling snowflakes.
@ Daydreem Designs ($29.50 US)

Pearl Branch Earrings from trulee twisted

Elegant handmade sterling silver and natural pearl branch earrings.
@trulee twisted ($30 USD)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ice Queen Dress from ModCloth

I always leave it to ModCloth when I want to see some good eye candy! The design and mauve color for this dress is just so beautiful! I would love to wear this dress with a pearl necklace!
@ ModCloth ($89.99 US)

Crochet Sweater Dress from Arden B.

Acrylic crocheted dress with multicolored stripes and scalloped edge.
@Arden B. ($68 USD)

Christmas Jewels Hat Pin from Art Zone

5 days until Christmas! Item #20.

Loving this Christmas colored theme hat pin made with Czech fire-polished glass beads, very regal looking, and you can use it to spice up your accessories! Being a girl is great because we can even accessorize out accessories. There's not that many things for guys out there I think.
@ Art Zone ($7 US)

Apple Locket from Alex Monroe

This is another piece that I immediately liked when I saw it.  While there aren't many specifics for this necklace, it's pretty easy to see how adorable it is!
@Alex Monroe (£195)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Silver Alphabet Necklace from Zakka Zock

I randomly stumbled upon this cute handmade necklace from Japan! I never know how people do metalwork, but I think it's amazing!
@ Zakka Zock (¥11,000)

Spirited Stitches Sweater from Anthropologie

Cotton, acrylic, mohair and nylon sweater in heather grey with pastel spiral stitching.
@Anthropologie ($98 USD)