Monday, November 30, 2009

Beige Crochet Vest from Muji

I don't think I actually own a vest. I always thought they were kind of useless in the practical sense, but I suppose for fashion it really does work wonders! So, I'm thinking about getting myself my first vest, and I came across this one that I quite like! I have a lot of dresses that I think this vest would work well with. It won't keep me warm, but it'll keep me fashionable!
@ Muji (¥2,085)

Candy Pink and White Bubbles Earrings from Suuskeramiek

Look at these handmade funky porcelain bubbles earring hoops! I really love that shade of reddish pink and the simple, yet detailed pattern. The pink color and the shape of this piece really makes the white bubbles stand out! 
@ Suuskeramiek ($27.50 US)

Scalloped Clouds Skirt from Anthropologie

I like things that are in very defined shapes because sometimes the colors can be very "normal" but the due to the shape the item is still able to catch someone's attention and make a statement. Browsing through a bunch of skirts, I finally came across this one which caught my eye.

This skirt is made with 3 layers of fabric cut out into dreamy cloud shapes. Very adorable.
@ Anthropologie ($98 US)

Green Flower Print Dress from Rouge Vif

If there is any style of clothes that I like, it would be dresses of this form. Sometimes I like them plain, other times I like them with a nice pattern and trim like this one. This style is just so comfortable to wear, just throw on the dress, and you can wear it by itself, with a pair of leggings, with a pair of pants, with a pair of shorts, or with a pair of leggings underneath the shorts! I usually wear them with leggings... lately I've been too lazy to deal with pants (I'm that lazy, yes). Though it is getting colder and pants do make more sense.

Anyway, it's a cute dress!
@ Rouge Vif (¥26,250)

Elephant Lamp from Personal Interior Design

This adorable elephant lamp came to my attention by my friend who thinks of me whenever she sees elephants. Remember how much I love elephants? I don't really have a Christmas wishlist, but I guess now this tops it, being the only item of my newly existing list! Everyone needs one of these.
@ Personal Interior Design ($101 US)

Pastel Polka Dot Dress from Fornarina

The background may make this dress a bit hard to see, but it is a very lovely dress. I love the pastel polka dots, the size of them and the color combination. I really love dresses with long sleeves, they're really rare to come by nowadays. Also, of course there is a bow, because I love bows.
@ Fornarina ($145 US)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ceramic Elephant Cup from A Speer Studio

Oh god how I love elephants. This is so adorable. This amazingly cute cup can be used to hold almost anything! I want to use it to hold my jewelry, or maybe fill it up with candy. The possibilities are endless. It's so cute I want to hug it.
@ A Speer Studio ($24 US)

Grey Flannel Tunic from Uniqlo

I really love Uniqlo. The quality of the clothing are so good and the designs of course are great too. You don't need to have that much money to be fashionable, you just need a Uniqlo! I've seen tops similar to this one at other stores for more than $50 and the quality wasn't even that good. This here is only around $30US and the quality is guaranteed to be good. 100% cotton! Even though flannel and check patterns are really generic nowadays, I really like the sleeves and the pockets of this particular one!
@ Uniqlo (¥2,990)

Colorful Heart Camera Print Tee from Graniph

We've all seen different versions of tees with cameras on it, but not one with a multicolored heart lens! Even such a little difference makes a big impact. I own a tee with a camera on it too, and everyone only needs one shirt with a camera on it (or if any), but this one makes me want to own another one!

So adorable! If only real cameras had lens like this one!
@ Graniph (¥2,500)

Vintage Pink Cocoa Zigzag Sweater from SmallEarthVintage

I really love vintage clothing so I always keep an eye out for retro things on Etsy.  This pretty little gem was originally produced in the 1960's and is made from conjugated acrylic.  No worries as it is in excellent condition!
@SmallEarthVintage ($22)

Praline Acorn Earrings from Kate Spade

Praline Acorn Earrings made from carved wood and gold filled posts.
@Kate Spade ($75)

Pink Crochet Grapefruit Scarf from Kellyz Kreationz

Yummy! A cute citrus scarf!

I can't crochet for the life of me, but seeing things like this scarf here makes me really wish I could crochet. The pattern is so adorable, I love the pink grapefruit center, to the little green leaves on top of the grapefruit.
@ Kellyz Kreationz ($34 US)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Printed Chiffon Dress from Anna Sui

Cute white frills on this black and cream printed chiffon dress. I love how it crosses at the back with a bow to bring it all together.  I really love the print on it too. Check out the site for a close up of it, it's really beautiful. Meg thinks this dress looks a bit like an apron, but I like it anyway so I've punched it. (fyi: "punch" is what Meg and I say when we post something onto punchtree)

So take that Meg. Hah.
@ Anna Sui ($360 US)

Hot Air Balloon Earrings from Skysetter

Adorable hot air balloon earrings made with handcrafted lampwork glass beads, Austrian crystals and hematite cube beads. I've always wanted to make hot air balloon earrings, so I decided to search for it on Etsy and found this one. Now I can't make my own pair unless I come up with a super unique idea (I'm not an idea stealer, no I'm not!)

Sometimes things on Etsy are really expensive, but these here are very inexpensive. I think for an idea well executed, this person could sell this pair for more! I'd pay more than $10 for those. So hurry and buy it before they realize it could go for more!!
@ Skysetter ($10 US)

Chiffon Print Dress from Aquagirl

Cute sleeveless chiffon print dress, with sequins around the neckline. I'm usually not too crazy about sequins but they really accent the dress here. 100% polyester. So pretty.
@ Aquagirl (¥27,300)

Olive green and Amber Shoe Clips from Cmitrou

The first time that I came across shoe clips was in Japan, and I wasn't sure if they ever made it to the West, but I was pleasantly surprised that some etsians have started to make them!

I particularly like this pair because many other ones were too large and didn't really seem to be a part of the shoe, these clips look like they're part of the shoes. If you search Etsy you can find some nice ones made out of fabric too. Shoe clips are awesome because you can wear the same pair of shoe, but with the clips it's like you have another pair of shoes!

It's from Etsy but I can't be sure that it's handmade... cool anyway though!
@ Cmitrou ($15.99 US)

Gold Dust Chemise from Anthropologie

Oh how I wish I had an Anthropologie where I live...not that I could really afford the clothes from there though, but I could do with a bit of eye candy! If you go to the site you can see the details more clearly, but the gold lace embroidery is just gorgeous, and there's little gold filigree plates hanging from the ribbon tie. Very sweet looking.
@ Anthropologie ($248 US)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Flower Knit Hat from The Emporium

So adorable!! I love the pom pom at the top and long, long strands that come from the sides of the cap, and of course that little grey and flower to finish this hat off. I feel warm just looking at this knit hat!
@ The Emporium (¥2,310)

Handmade Seashell Earrings from Precious Jewelry Design

Handmade Seashell earrings with 24k gold plated coating. 

Gold Brocade Tulle Corset Dress from FredFlare

Gold Brocade Tulle Corset Dress with toile-print pattern and empire waist.  Perfect for upcoming holiday parties!
@FredFlare ($52 for preorder!)

Vintage Mikasa Sugar and Creamer Set from Red Cottage Comforts

If I have my own house one day, I would like to fill my house with nice pieces like this! Very elegant and simple and I love the gold detailing on the rims of the creamer and the sugar bowl, and also the gold on the top of the sugar bowl.
@ Red Cottage Comforts ($110 US)

Pink and Gold Shiny Dangles from Fancypop

I had such a hard time taking a picture of these because they were so shiny! I really like them though. They look better in person (and I'm not just saying that, they really do). I took more pictures of them at my Etsy.

Anyway, I really like these. Originally I had planned to put more beads on them, but as I was making it, I already liked it when I got it up to this point, and I thought it was fine the way it is. So voila.

I can't stress how shiny they are.
@ Fancypop ($21 US)

Dazzling Shoes from Pepita D'oro

There are many more colors in which these flats come in, these two just happens to be my favorite. Many times I think rhinestones and stuff are tacky, but when it works it works. Or maybe my judgment is failing me now haha. If I were to buy a pair, I think I'd probably go with the dark bluish grey one. The flower one seems too crazy for me but for some reason I'm very attracted to it.
@ Pepita D'oro (¥15,750)

Jamie Wool-blend Dress from Marc by Marc Jacobs

Multicolored striped wool-blend dress, great for going out during the day, or even at the office. Puts a modern spin on clothes from yesteryear. Once again, if it's not flowers, then we love bows!
@ Marc Jacobs ($430 US)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Vintage Sleeveless Satin Dress from Beams

I think this dress is so spectacular. The creases and folds are all in the right places, the length is perfect, and the bow just brings it all together. 65% polyester, 35% cotton. Japanese people does fashion so right.
@ Beams (¥23,100)

Elegant Evening Leaf Necklace from Fancypop

The school semester is coming to an end, and that means essays due and finals to write. Suddenly I find myself really busy, but still I want to keep creating a few new items a week.

I usually work with antique silver or gold materials, very rarely silver but I want to be a bit more diverse. I think it worked out quite well. The beads on this necklace is super shiny and sparkly. You might even become mesmerized by it if you stare at it too long. I keep holding it in the light and going "ooooooh...." I should really be studying instead of doing that haha.

ps. Happy Thanksgiving to you in the States. Happy Thanksgiving to Megan. I am from Canada so my Thanksgiving already passed!
@ Fancypop ($22 US)

Silk Rose Brooch Giveaway from Dace Designs

This rose brooch is made with silk, tulle and organza with three pearls in the center. A great way to add an extra pizazz to your outfit or accessories. The best part about this brooch is that it can be yours! Just go to designer's blog and etsy and find out how!! I'm entering, and you should too :D
@ Dace Design (possibly free!)
- designer's blog and giveaway details here

Service Worker Dress from Butikofer

Cute little black dress with an interesting spin on the back of it. It might be hard to see, but if you enlarge the picture there's actually a dark blue check pattern on it. This dress is 100% wool, and completely random but, I like the name they gave this dress.
@ Butikofer ($104 CAD)

Gabby Clutch from Nine West

I went window shopping today and I saw this purple flower clutch and I fell in love with it. Usually at the mall I walk very fast, rarely anything ever makes me stop and stare a little bit. I decided to find it at their online store to see if they had it there and they did! Though I think the real thing looks better than the picture. Anyway, I still think it's pretty.

Haha, lately everything Meg and I have been posting have flowers in it. What can we say? We love flowers.
@ Nine West ($49.99 US)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Flower Elephant Necklace from SM2

I bought this necklace when I went to Japan in the summer. When I saw it, I just bought it without even looking at the price (thankfully, it wasn't expensive). My favorite animal are elephants. I just naturally gravitate towards anything with elephants on it. I love the flowers on the back of the elephant charm too.

I'll show you more of my elephant accessories later on... (that makes it sound like I have a lot, but I really don't. I wish I did though, haha)
@ SM2

Whimsical Fairytale Earrings from Fancypop

I made this pair last night, and already it's become one of my favorites! I like the combination of strong, bright colors, like something out of a storybook. I used Czech glass round, leaf, and flower beads, and also some semiprecious stones.

Lately it's been so hard to take a good picture because it's always gloomy (which means no natural light!!)

Anyway, heehee, I love these a lot.
@ Fancypop ($22 US)

Beige Winter Coat from Franche Lippee

Girly beige winter coat with white boa cuffs and collar. Very cute for the wintertime. 85% cotton, 10% angora, 5% nylon
@ franche lippee (¥29,400)

Floral Fete Dress from Substance

Gorgeous floral cotton and silk made to order dress.
@Substance ($398 US)

Gray Dress Ensemble from Emily Temple Cute

Here's another adorable ensemble from Emily Temple Cute Kyoto.  This outfit features a gray dress (¥26,880), an off-white knit (¥11,340), a vintage satin bolero (¥12,600) and a cute shoe necklace (¥5,880).  I only wish they had a better online store!
@Emily Temple Cute (KYOTO)

Snowflake Hoodie from Global Work

Sometimes things with snowflake patterns can look tacky, but this here is an example of the snowflake pattern done well. 50% cotton, 30% acrylics, 20% polyester. I love it, and I want it.
@ Global Work (¥4,935)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Petite Silk Flower Top from Topshop

A lovely silk flower top in a light shade of pink. Absolutely loving the fabric flowers on it and how they go off on the side. 100% Visocse
@ Topshop (£28.00)

Scissors Cut and Paste Necklace from Fancypop

Something new that I made today, made with a scissors charm I bought while I was in Japan, and adorned with a combination of beads of my favorite colors together. Whether you're dressed up or dressed down, it'll keep you looking cute!
@ Fancypop ($21 US)

Jadyn Stone Ring from Ruche

New from Ruche! A mix of green stones and other beads put together to form this beauty. Sizing is adjustable!
@ Ruche ($14.99 US)

Pink and Gold Big Cat Watch from Tsumori Chisato

This is the most adorable watch ever! It's a big watch, but it keeps its cute feminine side by having little cat ears and I love the little sun in the watch face too!
@ Tsumori Chisato (¥39,990)

Ice Cream Bandeau Dress from MyShoko

After joining Twitter, we've been coming across more Etsy pages, and seeing more people's creations. This one I'm glad to have come across, a handmade ice cream dress! It's never too cold for ice cream, I'll continue posting more ice cream things :)
@ MyShoko ($62 US)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Gadget Cozy from Smile Recipe

Adorable Gadget pouch that can fit everything from iPods to cameras.  Made from imported Japanese fabric with heart button accent.
@Smile Recipe ($11)

Hello Kitty Lighted Make-Up Mirror from Sanrio

I don't know how they do it, but Sanrio always seem to come up with something new and adorable.  This cute make-up mirror rotates and is two-sided.  The little Hello Kitty at the base serves as the light switch.
@Sanrio ($45)

Pastel Pink Cotton-Blend Blouse from Malene Birger

Sleeveless pastel pink cotton-blend blouse. You can wear it as casual attire or look sharp with it at work also. Looks good with a pair of black skinny jeans and a black blazer, matching the black buttons coming down the front.
@ Malene Birger ($310 US)

So Special Necklace from Lazy Oaf

This is the most awesome bling I've ever seen! It's so fun and colorful.

Made with enamel in all its funky colors and glittery glory.
@ Lazy Oaf (£16.00)

Mocha Colored Dress from TOhRCH SELECT

I've never heard of this brand before, it's my first time coming across it. I also don't know what this is.. it's not really a dress, but it's not really a shirt either. They call it a gown, but I don't really consider it a gown either.

I love the little ribbon on it, and the flower detailing at the waist. Whatever this is, I think it's cute.
@ TOhRCH SELECT (¥24,150)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Triple Scoop Friends Necklace from marymaryhandmade

Can you say "awwwww...."?

This pendant is handmade from sterling silver with a matte finish. Looking at this necklace will keep you smiling.
@ marymaryhandmade ($30 US)

Harem Delight Flower Tassel Scoop Bag from Accessorize

You know, there used to be an Accessorize in Vancouver, there used to be two actually, but both of them closed down. I used to looove going there and honestly, there aren't many shops around here that I like, so it was such a shame to see this store go.

I love the colors and the design of this bag. I'm not one to usually like tassels but somehow it works on this bag, and I usually don't like sequins either but somehow it's perfectly alright here.
@ Monsoon Accessorize (£40.00)

Sakura Earrings from Fancypop

Made with a mixture of beads, including vintage cherry blossom and blue glass beads, pink semiprecious stone beads, swarovski crystals, and white seed beads weaved in with the swarovski crystals to make the dainty little flowers.

I'm really proud of this pair of earrings, reminds me of spring days, far away from the gloomy weather I have with me here now.
@ Fancypop ($22 US)

Rose Dress from ModCloth

There's some great finds at ModCloth. The great thing about them is that they're constantly updating. This dress just came out at the store, and I am loving it. I'm really into simple things because I love accessories, and accessories look best on simple outfits. The matching possibilities for this dress is endless. This dress is simple, yet I think the bow adds a bit of a unique touch to it.
@ ModCloth ($54.99)